About Leicester Bearings

Leicester Bearings are a member of the Independent Authorised Distributors Alliance. IADA was formed in 1998 by a select group of independent distributors, with the aim of becoming a nationally networked supplier of MRO supply solutions. The organisation looks for ways to improve the level of service and coverage for their customers and today has 20 members and operates over 50 branches across the UK.


Leicester Bearings have full access to over 500 manufacturers of MRO products directly.
Our range of products covers everything MRO meaning our customers can get everything they require in one basket and at highly competitive prices. Traditionally being specialists in Bearing and Power Transmission, Leicester Bearings have evolved into the complete supplier of MRO products by increasing their product portfolio to now offer expertise in FLUID POWER, HAND TOOLS, CUTTING TOOLS, POWER TOOLS, WORKWEAR and PPE. Our in house’ experts offer technical support on all of these products plus and as Leicestershire’s distributor for many of these world class manufacturers further support is available to call on if required.


Leicester Bearings can also offer every associated service that maintenance departments require to keep a site fully operational. We can offer a general workshop facility to provide solutions for all your day-to-day engineering tasks from Boring and Keying to Turning and Milling as well as also providing 24/7 services for everything from Repair and Refurbishment through to urgent Fabrication.
Whatever you require, Leicester Bearings has the services required to provide you with the solution.


Leicester Bearings are also leading the way in the latest w of Store for Inventory Management. Currently, Leicester Bearings have several inventory management systems operating across Leicestershire and the surrounding areas. Our expert staff will talk you through all the options we can offer to organise your stores. We start with local Site Stock Surveys and implement Consignment Stocks, Leicester Bearings managed stores and also the full implementations of Vending Solutions. Please ask to see our Vending Systems in full action.